Belinda Bow

 [bee-lin-dah boh]


Fiery + alive, passionate + purposeful, Belinda is carving the path for business women who want more.

So who am I and what makes me tick? I’m the CEO of Green Chilli Marketing and Australia’s first Marketing Agency Franchise. I’m a Certified Practising Marketer and an Associate Fellow with the Australian Marketing Institute, a devoted mum, children’s book author and am dedicated to my chosen charities.

More than a CEO, I’m a woman on a mission to lift the lid on what it’s really like to be your own boss, run your own business and have a family you actually love spending time with. 

Never one to follow, I don’t subscribe to the notion of the work/life balance…

I look at life and work are a continuum, with ebbs and flows. I am focussed on championing a work/life harmony approach and am always keen to share my message to support women and especially working mothers.

I’ve taken this message nationally, speaking at events and writing for business media outlets to address this issue. I am keen to share the message to educate women that they have the power be their authentic self at work, and to self-assess and change the goal posts to put their wellbeing and family first without sacrificing a rewarding career. My goal is to change the perception of women locally and nationally. Learn more.

What does my life look like?

Such is the life of a mum and entrepreneur.

You know those days that are just perfect? When you can get your daughter off to school on time. Your son is in the care of a gorgeous nanny or daycare centre. When work just seamlessly flows. Read more.

But she still has time for me

My children’s book for mums and kids.

I wrote ‘But she still has time for me’ to help mums and their kids understand that they’re not any less important just because mums are busy at home or go out to work. Learn more.

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Are you ready to take complete control of your clients, your cashflow, and your career?

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