Jul 29 2013

I want what she’s having.

I want what she’s having. Her life is perfect. Right?

Perception is a crazy thing.  Being a woman in business, mother, and wife, I often find myself looking at other business women and thinking, “why can’t my life be like hers?”.  We see a shiny exterior of a woman that has it all together.  They have managed to get themselves to a meeting looking fabulous and talking about their business achievements, their career and gorgeous kids.  The interesting thing is that this has little do with real life.  It’s kind of like checking out Facebook… do you think that the truth is really put on display for everyone to see? Ok, so sometimes we have those friends who literally put everything on Facebook, but you get the gist.

What I need to understand is why? I know that I work hard, I adore my children and husband, my business is going really well, plus I love what I do.  But why is it that I compare myself to what others have achieved? Or rather, why do I compare myself with their glossy exterior and not what life is really like. Basically because no-one shows it.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not having a go at woman who do that, and I can say hand on heart that I do too.  It’s certainly not intentional, but putting your best foot forward is just what we do.  It’s human.  And it’s ok.  It’s just that we need to remember that when we are comparing ourselves to others.

So I, Belinda Bow am going to lay it all on the table and tell you what it is like, really is.   Take this morning for instance, I was ill for most of yesterday and was unable to eat so my energy levels this morning are next to nothing.  Pale, tired, hair everywhere, pyjamas were still on…. you get the picture.  The kids were in bed with me Mackenzie 4, Fletcher 1, so you can imagine the scene.  Exhausted mother with two hyper kids just out of bed.  Ah the joys of motherhood.  Then it’s breakfast, which I can barely face.  The nanny arrived, yes we have a nanny, it’s brilliant but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.  You still need to be a mum too, your role doesn’t end when they arrive.  So Mackenzie wants me to take her to preschool. Jeans on, top on, headband on and we’re off.  I threw up on the way and had to stop again on the way home.  And then I get home and hook straight into work. No make-up or a hair do for this gal.

So why did I share this image of beauty with you?   To show you that before you start to judge yourself against anothers’ facade, remember that they have down times too.  They may be giving a presentation in front of 100 on Monday, an awesome business meeting on Tuesday and then drop everything and take the kids to the park Tuesday afternoon.  That is what life is about. Deal with it. But promise me, yes, promise me that you will start to see others in the same light that you see yourself.  Aspire to be who you need or want to be, don’t aspire to be a facade of someone else.

Rant over.  It’s time to get on with your day, in whatever form it may take.

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