Aug 07 2013


Life has ups and down.  But what about those times when you are about to embark on something incredible?  Something that could be life changing?  Something that could literally shape your world into something you barely recognise? And something that equally scares and excites you!  It’s almost as if you have just jumped on a roller coaster and you are being led up those first creaking metres of track before you reach the top and……..

Well you know what happens next or do you?  Can you imagine getting on the roller coaster and  not knowing what will happen when you reach the top of those first few metres?  Now that is real life.  I am on the cusp of some big changes in my life and career.  And it’s scaring the wits out of me.  So me, being me… I had to work out why.  Why is it that when we are about to have big changes in our lives do we freak out and feel as though that roller coaster has begun?

We’ve all heard people saying “I don’t like change”.  Well firstly, that is not normally my style. Change is inevitable, it’s exciting and it’s so much fun. Especially when it comes to changing the furnishings or cushions in a room, but I digress!  I have always been one of these people that are, for the most part, comfortable with change and what it can do for you.  So why, when I need courage most of all, does it desert me?

It’s because I am worried of what other people will think.


I haven’t been so scared in the past, because it is what it is.  You don’t like it, that’s ok.  You don’t agree.  That’s ok too.  But in this instance I am making a change in my life that is public, that is my work, that is my passion.  I am putting it all on the line and the pieces will fall as they may and they will be there to be **gasp** judged.

So how did I work through this?  By accepting the feelings, by accepting that it’s ok to feel that way and by releasing it.  Sounds easy enough. Nope.  Not at all. But has it helped?  Absolutely.  I can now see the way forward.  To keep putting one foot in front of the other and keeping moving toward my goal.

So strap yourselves in people, we are in for one helluva ride.  Hold tight.  Take a deep breath…… arms in the air…… and let go!

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