Aug 29 2013

Work and Family Bliss.

Last weekend my gorgeous friend Bec came down from Brisbane. That in itself is precious. I am so very grateful for our friendship. Bec has an ability to instil calm into my overwhelmed self in just moments – quite an incredible woman. So Bec came down from Brisbane to not only catch up, but to give of her time to do something awesome. I am not sure how many of you know, but I provide Marketing for an amazing orgainsation called, 3 Angels Nepal I will fill you in on this organisation at another time…. But Bec is an amazing photographer and offered her services to photograph the Founder of 3 Angels Nepal, Rajendra Gautam. This man is the most inspiring person I have ever met. You can check out the website to read more about Rajendra and his story.

So back to Bec visiting. We met up with Rajendra to take some photos for the website. My daughter Mackenzie wanted to come along too, so off we went. We met up at the home of another friend who was hosting Rajendra during his stay in Australia. Bec got to work in choosing the settings  and checking the natural light ready for the shoot. I was the stand-in for Rajendra while everything was being setup. And this is where is gets exciting….

Mackenzie (aged 4), decided to start running around the patio area, she then jumped onto the grass and ran into my arms, a number of times. And this is where my work meets joy. Unbeknown to me, Bec was taking photos of this during the entire performance. And the photos that you see captured the experience and the amazing moments that I shared with my daughter.

I now look at these images and see another woman, a woman in her weekend casual clothes, who is just “being” with her daughter and enjoying every precious moment of her 4 year old joy.

Thank you Bec for giving me this gift. I truly see the bond that Mackenzie and I have. Add this to the fact that this met with my work is even more incredible.

Bel-and-Mac-3  Bel-and-Mac-2  Bel-and-Mac-1

ps if you would like to read more about my friend, Rebecca Patterson check out her blog.

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