Sep 09 2013

Marketing, Baking and Triplets.

Marketing is my passion, but I have another passion – baking!  I love to get in the kitchen with (Keith the) KitchenAid and bake up a storm. The best part of this is that since I own my own business, I can schedule my time to fit in baking for the ones I love!

There are 3 special people who I particularly love to bake for. My gorgeous friend Michelle and her hubby have 3 beautiful cherubs and triplets, Sophie, Olivia and Jade. They turned 5 in June and I made their birthday cakes for them. The coolest thing is that I have been honoured to have made them for each of their birthdays since they were born.

I still remember the day they were born at John Hunter in 2008. I was in hospital as I was sick with my pregnancy, my grandfather was in a ward as he was ill, Michelle was in the birthing suite delivering the girls and it was my mum’s birthday!  How could I possibly forget it right? I still remember seeing those beautiful girls, so tiny and yet so utterly perfect. Today you can see that they are thriving and I am thrilled to be a part of their lives.

My business and career allows me to be a part of my friends lives and those of their children’s. Making Sophie, Olivia and Jade’s birthday cakes brings me so much joy. Every year they let me know what they would like. For example, last year they had fairy gardens! And this year they had rainbows. There is a huge lead-up to the big day and to arrive at their place with the cakes and hear those squeals of delight is just…. awesome!

I value the friendship I have with Michelle so very much and am so thankful that I can be a part of these beautiful girls lives. I know that no life is perfect, but mine rocks!

And these are their cakes for the past 5 years.
ps my personal favourite is the fairy, princess, barbie cakes!


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