Sep 21 2013

Just be.

In this crazy, crazy world as a mum, a wife, a marketer and all of those other hats, I get so caught up in everyday life that I don’t know which way is up. So recently I have been on a journey. A bloody long journey. A journey to find me. And from that journey I can offer you my words of wisdom to go forth and prosper…. “Just be”. Sounds simple right. Wrong. I decided or rather I was told, that as part of my journey, I would start to meditate. Now for me, meditation equates to hippies chilling out in flares and paisley tops with flower wreaths around their heads. Not so as it turns out.

Meditation is about just being. There are loads of kinds of meditation…. Who knew right? The one that I was steered toward was guided meditation. The ones where you put on your i-device and just bliss out to wherever you are being taken. Let me tell you that initially I err, um… well let’s just say that I called bullshit. But I still sat there quietly and “let them guide me”. Well hello Dolly…. Meditation rocks. Seriously.

Ok so here it is. You take time out of your day, once in the morning and once in the evening or even in bed (that’s me!). You play your meditation, lots out there but if you need some suggestions don’t hesitate to contact me directly. So you play it and your mind follows the journey that is being recited to you. It sounds super easy and it is. The funny thing is that you get better and better at it.

Now are you ready for the kicker? That 20 minutes that you don’t have time to even contemplate meditating… You know what I mean. If I asked you to take time out of your day for 20 minutes, you would shake your head and utter, “not a chance” and “how could i possibly spend that much time on myself?”. Well anyway, taking that 20 minutes will give you more clarity and more drive than you have EVER and I repeat have EVER had. Your thought processes will be clearer, your mind will be ready to absorb information, your body will be chilled and ready to rock. Don’t ask my how. And definitely don’t ask me why. Basically because I have no idea why. But it’s amazing.

Here is the challenge: I ask that for the next week find a guided meditation (even Oprah is offering them with Deepak Chopra) and play it morning and night. This stuff is seriously powerful. And, hand on heart, it’s better than wine and chocolate. Let me know how you go. x

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