Oct 14 2013

It’s my path. And it looks like this.

I have read many blogs and articles about stay at home mum’s recently. And I am thrilled that they have chosen what they have for their own life. I have also read articles about working mothers too and again, yay! The interesting thing is that they are similar – you read it right – they are similar!

Not in the way of having the same make-up, but in the way of having the same underlying message of “please accept me”. I know what it feels like to be judged as a business owner and working mother. I have received many comments in relation to the time that I don’t spend with my children. Here are but a few, “I couldn’t do that, how could you leave them?” or “Really? A business? What about your kids?” and lastly “Don’t you care about being a parent?”.

For anyone who truly knows me, my family come first, they always have, they always will. I know that when I spend time with my kids, it is quality time. I engage with them fully. I am not on the phone or checking my emails while I play barbies or drive trucks around on the floor. I stop and I enjoy each precious moment. And that is my choice. I love my life. And I am proud of what I have accomplished. I have an awesome relationship with both my son and my daughter and they know that whenever they need Mum, I am there.

So here is my point. Rather than the working mum’s, the work from home mum’s and the stay at home mum’s spouting that their role is harder or better…. how about we just accept? Accept that for each person, there is a path. And that that path choice is up to them. Once they find that path, relish in it, enjoy it, roll around in it if you have to – but make it your own.

As women we are harder on each other than our significant others are and it’s nuts, really, honestly, nuts. I have no doubt in my mind that being a full stay at home mum is full-on and challenging, but so is being a business owner. Challenges are relative and we all have them.

So it’s time to step back from the bullshit and tell other women in our lives that judge us based on our choices to back off.

I am here to tell you, that whatever choices you have made or will make for your life – are yours! Take your life and make of it what you will. It’s ok to be who you what to be.

As women, we are awesome creatures, with so much to give. So put the judgement aside and celebrate womanhood, celebrate our individuality, celebrate each moment. Now hand me the champagne, cause you just can’t celebrate without bubbles!

ps What’s your path?

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