Nov 18 2013

A Special Date.

When you are running a business, raising children, looking after a home and being an awesome wife (his words, not mine), life tends to get a little overwhelming. So when a chance to catch-up with a good friend came up, you take it, perhaps a little too eagerly!

I have been a fan of Grand Designs for many years and recently there was a Grand Designs Live show on in Sydney with the gorgeous Kevin McCloud. I instantly bought tickets to a “VIP special event with Kevin”, not even knowing who I was going to go with. So as the date drew near, I realised that Hubby couldn’t come as we didn’t have someone to look after the kids, so one of my good friends jumped in and the date was set.

Being a mum, I am normally the one who organises, books and generally arranges everything, so how cool is this…. My friend suggests that we should go down the day before, have a wander around Sydney, go out for a delish dinner and then head to Grand Designs Live on Sunday. Hell yes, came out of my mouth before I even thought about it. (Thanks Hubby for the encouragement to go!)

So we head down on Saturday and indulge in a late lunch at The Winery Surry Hills – crab on toast (wow), and the Giggly Rose cocktail (pictured) is a must!

Then we check-in to the lush Langham Sydney hotel (main photo taken from the Langham website). It was just divine. We had a beautiful room overlooking Darling Harbour in all it’s pristine glory. Everything was beautifully presented, even down to the gorgeous bits and bobs you get in the bathroom kit – toothbrush, powder, body lotion, sewing kit…. and the list goes on. Gosh – even the room card was cute!

After check-in, we decided to head to the glorious indoor pool for a swim, then a nanna-nap and out for dinner at O Bar with chef Michael Moore. Dinner was simply incredible. Back to the Langham for a good nights rest, followed by a relaxing breakfast at Darling Harbour and then over to see, “my friend” Kevin.

I also got to meet someone I admire for her no-nonsense approach to design and business, Shayna Blaze. As it turns out, she’s my new bestie – see pic for proof!!

So why share this awesome weekend? All too often we get caught up in the “what do I have to do”, “get it done”, “finish it” and “more, more, more”. This weekend reminded me that it is important to catch up with dear friends, enjoy their company and live in the moment. I know it can’t always be like this, but even if you get an hour or two with your girlfriends, cherish it. And remind yourself to do it more often.

I came home from the weekend feeling refreshed and ready to get on with my week.

Thanks Em. You gave me back a little bit of me. x

ps you’re a fab date!

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