Feb 06 2014

Can I go out and play yet?

Goodness, what a day. Ok so, today, I have worn so many hats that I am really not sure as to which hat I should have on right now. I am a wife, a mother and a business owner, but it’s hard when it’s all happens at once! All I know is that I wanna go and play. I know that each and every person reading this, at some point in their career has thought exactly that. But why is it that the older we get, the less we allow ourselves to play and I mean, really, play.

So to give you a run down of my day today:

Extremely early start from my daughter asking what I was doing. My response? Sleeping.


Tantrum from said child.

Second child goes into meltdown from first child crying.

Into work.

Work on documentary.

Work on marketing plan.

Work on website structure to match marketing plan.

Have interview for a magazine (more on that in another post).

Send emails.

Answer phone calls.

Book high tea to treat mum.

Work on client documentation.

Work on …. well I think you get the gist.

Life has a way of throwing curve balls on a regular basis. The difference is how we deal with the curve balls. Do you take one for the team straight and fall down in a heap? Or do you grab that sucker and run with it?  I have been running with it since my early start, but now I am gong to make a change.

I am going to do what each of you want to do right now. Yup. I am going to go to my two kidlets and play. Yippee!

ps  Do you have a career that allows you to play?

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