Mar 17 2014

She said: I had a brochure and I knew who to call.

Coming into this trip, I thought that I knew what I was walking into. I thought that I would come to Nepal and give a voice to the beautiful Nepali people. What I didn’t expect was how intense my work would be. That with each and every interview, my heart connected with each soul. Each soul just desperate to be heard.

I don’t profess to be a journalist and I don’t be profess to be anything other than I am. But I do know that  I have given every ounce of energy and love I have in hearing the stories and walking through their tragedy hand-in-hand with these people. Not just simply listening, but hearing them.

I had intentions of writing daily blogs, but up until this point I simply could not. My heart has been so heavy that I could not comprehend or rather, my mind would not let me comprehend the human trafficking and the tragedies that unfold every week, every day and every hour in Nepal.

I have spoken with a woman from a Chaudhary community: 5 children, no husband and a debt to pay from a loan that was taken out by her family, generations ago.

I have bonded with many beautiful Nepali women who have been trafficked, locked up, beaten, tortured, raped, abused, sold again and again and have borne children from their rapists. I have spoken with a kind and gentle man who was enslaved for 28 years and lived a life of mental, emotional and physical abuse.


After all of these incredible stories I have found hope. Just yesterday, my last interview of a very long day. Rajendra (Founder of 3 Angels Nepal), Daniel (Cinematographer) and I had listened to the most difficult stories thus far. We were at our lowest ebb and were overwhelmed with grief.

And then.

A quietly spoken girl walked into the interview room, she was timid, she was shy, she was broken. There is a long version of her story that I will share at another time, but this girl found herself captured in a room on the border of India and Nepal. She was there after being sold by her husband and was destined for a life in an Indian brothel. She remembered that when she was at school she was told about 3 Angels Nepal and in her bag that she was allowed to take with her…. there was a brochure.

3 Angels Nepal print brochures and distribute them to the communities and schools of Nepal. And this girl had one. She found her moment to grab a phone (there are many, many mobiles in Nepal) and called 3 Angels Nepal. The team then swung into action and rescued this girl.

This moment was nothing short of celebratory for Rajendra and I as we whooped in delight. This girl who had been through so much, knew who to call. This may seem like a minor detail, but this is big. This is huge. This means that the message of 3 Angels Nepal is getting through to the women of Nepal.

My heart is full to overflowing. Shine on 3 Angels Nepal.

Take a look at these incredible images from our journey taken by  Melissa Histon. ps in the pic at the bottom, I am sharing some photos of my babies with them. x





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