Mar 18 2014

A woman’s spirit.

When I think about my friends and my family, I think of their love and their friendship. We often don’t look deeper than that. We may say that they are kind, sweet and caring… that kind of thing. 

In Nepal, I am seeing women in a very different light.

Just yesterday, I interviewed a number of women from the Safe Haven Home. An incredible place created by 3 Angels Nepal. It is a home where women can seek refuge, to find love, to find peace, to find acceptance and above all to find hope.

Walking through the gates that are protected by security at all times, I had a surge of emotion that ran right through my core. I felt happiness that they had this home, but I felt a sense of apprehension and confusion as to why it was needed.

The interviews began.

I had 4 interviews that afternoon.

Those 4 interviews will be forever etched on my heart and on my soul.

I sat with each beautiful soul, held her hands and listened to her story.

Each equally shocking.

Each equally disturbing.

I listened to stories of a woman’s newborn baby being stolen, of intense torture, of severe psychological trauma, repeated raping and more.

I listened as each woman poured her heart out.

I listened as each woman described her experience in great detail.

I wept with them.

I held them.

And I was grateful that they could unload their burden just a little more with each tear that fell.

Daniel Bracken, (the cinematographer) and I walked from the interviews changed people (in a good way). We shed tears and have talked about the impact of each of these women on our lives.

As I reflect on these interviews, I realized that each and every woman had been to hell and back, in the literal sense.

And yet with each day they are rebuilding their spirit.

With each tear, with each counseling session, with each smile, they are rebuilding their spirit.

Thank god for 3 Angels Nepal. Namaste. x

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