Jun 11 2014

It’s time to talk about Girly Bits.

Are you ready for this topic? It’s Vaginas! Yup, plain and simple, this post is all about vaginas.

Today I found a clip from an awesome young woman named Kat Lazo. A legendary woman who is on a quest to normalise conversation about the big taboo subject – vaginas.

You might want to ask why this is so important. Well, here goes. My relationship with my vagina has been distant at best. Growing up, I never referred to mine by the correct name, it was always a wee-wee or something as equally lame. Was it my parents fault? Nope, it was just the way things were and for the most part, still are in today’s society.

We now have a 5 year old daughter and I have taught her to call her vagina, vagina. I know that I have been judged by others for allowing her to call her body part what it is, but I have my reasons.

When she was born and began to grow up, my husband and I had the discussion on how body parts should be named. I did loads of research, which sounds nuts, but I wanted to know that I was doing the right thing by our girl. My research all led to the same outcome – by normalising the one body part that made her a girl, the likelihood that she will be more comfortable in her own skin increases, the likelihood that she will openly talk to me about her body and any changes that are happening increases and that was reason enough for me.

The coolest thing is that at 5 years of age, she is more comfortable with her vagina than I am now. She is even comfortable in telling me if there is anything wrong and she knows that it’s ok to take a look “down there”.

I have to say that at the start, I blushed when she first said it, but now it’s fine.

She even noticed “the big difference” between her and her younger brother…. it’s a penis! And that is all fine too and as he grows he will know and understand the differences.

I realise that being comfortable in your own skin may change as they get older, but I figure that if they are at least comfortable with their body parts, it’s a good start.

As a mum, we need to allow our kids to understand their own bodies, to accept them and to talk about them. Connecting with our kids on every level will mean that you will be the one that they turn to when they need you the most. Isn’t that worth being uncomfortable for?

Check out Kat’s awesome clip below:

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