Dec 10 2014

Go on, blame the Marketer!

I am sure many of you played with Lego as kids. Many of you would have had your own Lego and some would have played with their siblings Lego, either way, at some point in your life – you were into it.

Fast forward 20 or 30 years and there is a new range of Lego – there is now Lego for boys and Lego for girls. Now before I get on the bandwagon with the multitude of people out there screaming at the Lego marketer for branding Lego for boys or for girls, take a deep breath and think…. Is it really the marketer’s fault here?

I renounce you Lego. I renounce you!

Before you launch in to renounce your love of Lego and throw slanderous attacks on the conglomerate that is Lego, I would like to share my experience on the subject of gender inequality and Lego.

I am the parent of 2 pretty damn awesome kids, our daughter is almost 6 and our son is 2 ½ and here is what I know. Our daughter loves Lego Friends, a brightly coloured set of Lego that includes scenes from the jungle to the park, to gardens and shopping centres and everything in between. The interesting thing is that it is not the colour that our daughter loves, it’s the accessories. Yes, there are **gasp** pink blocks but that doesn’t make it girly, it just makes it colourful. But the accessories are totally cool, little apples, little drinks, little bottles, little phones…. All cute and all little. And guess what, our son loves to play with them too! The pink didn’t turn him off!

We need to encourage our kids to choose for themselves.

So here are my thoughts on Lego and gender equality. I firmly believe that the gender issue can only hold strong when we condone it in our own homes.

Maybe we need to encourage our kids to choose for themselves rather than push gender equality or say this toy is for this sex etc.

When it comes to the workplace, we stand up for ourselves, we push boundaries and we hold true to our beliefs. Our beliefs are not be swayed by marketers in the workplace, so why is it that we allow that to happen in our homes?

Companies can create what they perceive to be gender based products but they only become that when we encourage our kids to follow suit.

So bring on the Lego – and the accessories! Belinda x

** This post was first published on www.thesistacode.com

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