May 08 2015

I’m on this Journey so I can teach it.

Life offers up so many chances for us to learn, and not unlike a good college education, life too can throw these opportunities for discovery your way. Yes, in business too. The knowledge from your experiences, the support from other experienced individuals and a resolve to make things happen can get you on your way. This belief is what set me out on the path or rather the journey I am on now, and each step I take is one that will lead me to a new experience which I can share with other businesses to get them on their way.

Stepping stones

Each life experience is a stepping stone to getting you to where you are or where you want to be.
It may not always be smooth sailing. But when you look back, you may find you learnt so much more about yourself and your life or job, when the going got tough. I have experienced challenges in business, I have gone through the highs and lows of running my own business, and I have steered clients through their trials. All of these only served to strengthen my foundation and give me insights that I am now in a position to apply to help others.

Share your experiences

Getting an apprentice was a natural progression for professionals back in the middle ages. Today, we have trainees and interns to fill this spot at work. Sometimes, you will be fortunate enough to be in a position where you can help other businesses too. As a business consultant or at the helm of a company you can influence so many lives. My own work and experience in business is something I apply every single day to the work Green Chilli Marketing does for its clients.

Trust yourself

There is no replacement for your own gut feeling and instinct on what will work best for you. An outsider can offer you an objective analysis of what you may or may not have got right or wrong, but only you will know if your decision was right for you. For instance, choosing to start my own business is something that took some thought. It would mean juggling work and family, neither of which I would compromise on. So many working mothers and fathers take similar decisions. To your married-without-kids boss at work, it may seem like a foolish choice for you to take on that new assignment, given the challenge it will be for you to juggle home life. But it could be the boost you need to keep you going. Perhaps you needed an affirmation at this point and the plum new role is it. There is no way anyone else could know what would work for you. So trust yourself. Trust your instincts.

Anything is possible

Your own experiences will be the knowledge bank you draw from tomorrow. If you want to get somewhere more quickly, then draw on the experiences of others. Someone who has gone through what you have, and is well placed to give you that invaluable nugget of information you need to steer you in the right direction. I now support organisations to help them support themselves. My goal is to make you believe you can do what you need to, to get where you want to be, as a business. And I will be there to help you make it happen. It’s possible. It’s possible. It is possible!

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