May 27 2015


A few weeks ago, I was really pleased to be invited to be part of a terrific initiative that I believe has real potential, both in my home town of Newcastle, Australia and across the globe. Creator of the juggernaut that is the Sista Code Melissa Histon is one of those people who is always thinking about others and for that I am totally in admiration.

Meeting Mel

I saw Mel speak at a few years ago, talking about her cancer experience and she wowed me with her presence. We then met up down the road from my house a few years later when her gorgeous dog ran across the road to greet me! At the time, I was organising a trip to Nepal to shoot a documentary on human trafficking. You can read more about that here. Mel asked if I had a photographer and at the time, I did and then plans changed and I called Mel to see if she was interested in coming along as the photographer for the trip – Mel, being Mel said yes straight away. This gives you an insight into the type of person she is – say yes and work out the details later. There should be more of this type of person in the world!

Mel’s next adventure

But more recently she came up with an idea that really struck a chord with me and I think with many others…. #gotyourbacksista

#gotyourbacksista is not a fundraiser, it is not a commercial operation, it is merely an idea. One that we hope will make people pause and think about others, other sista’s that is.

In my own experience and particularly the work I have previously done in Nepal, the most effective and rewarding experiences that are done in collaboration with others. So this idea is so simple and yet I believe that it will be incredibly powerful – it’s about telling other sistas that we have indeed “got their back”. We spend so much time judging others, talking about each other and not really seeing each of our sista’s as they are – truly inspiring beings!

Mel’s idea seeks to turn this on its head – literally. She wants to get out into the community and connect with other sista’s and show acts of kindness to them. In her words: “#gotyourbacksista Day is an opportunity to share the love, to show another woman that you’ve ‘got her back’, to consciously reach out to another woman and make her day!” How beautiful is that?

Mark your calendar – June 12th 2015

The great news is that no matter where you are or who you are – you too can join in – click here and you will go to the Sista code website and download your copy of 20 things you can do to have another sista’s back! Be sure to share what you’re up to on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and whatever other platforms you use – and use the hashtag #gotyourbacksista

Love Belinda

ps I’ve got your back sista. x

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