Jun 04 2015

Who will I be today?

Being a mother and managing a business is similar to having two jobs – both full time. Many mums would love to enjoy a healthier work-life balance. The problem is that work timings are extending, the work is getting more stressful and taking a physical as well as emotional toll on us. It is frequently observed that professional success comes by sacrificing family and personal life. Motherhood adds even more volatility to the matter at hand.

If you are a full time mother, and a full time businesswoman, the following tips may help you to make all your dreams a reality.

If you are a mum, you can also be an entrepreneur and a manager

It is true that being a mum is one of the world’s most emotionally and physically demanding jobs. It is also the most rewarding. The experience gives a woman a true perspective of what is really important- emotional and physical health, family and total well being. Being a mother also does not stop any woman from enjoying a successful career and having a life of her own. There are many instances of mum perfectly balancing both life and the business- and earning hefty profits from the latter as well.

Portion off some time to meet your own needs:

This is the most important advice repeated by many mums / businesswomen. Every person in the world needs time to refresh. Take a day’s holiday every week. Do not work and do not answer the phone. Do not worry about things which does not bother you.

It’s all right to say “no”

It can be easier to say no to your children, but harder to say to people connected with your business. There is no need to say “yes” to every task in your workplace, but we all know how hard it can be to say no. Do you want to know the secret…? Saying no is a like a muscle. You need to begin saying it and as you do, you will become stronger each time and be more defiant in saying no, and meaning it. Saying no can be incredibly empowering too. By saying no to something that is just not in your realm of possibility means that it can open space for more positive things to come into your life.

Outsource your household work

Many mums / businesswomen have suggested that household work should be outsourced where possible. It is important to spend your family and home time by concentrating on the children and your spouse and really being present in the moment.  Being with your family enriches your work life enormously. When you give to yourself and allow yourself time to be with those you love, you become more comfortable being at work. (Don’t you just love the guilt of being a working mum!)

Be there

When you set up boundaries between your work and personal life, it increases the efficiency in both the areas(!!). In such an arrangement, you give all you have when you work and focus exclusively on your children when you are with them. Remember that kids  know when you are not mentally with them, seriously, they know! They will be very happy when you give them your complete attention and are present in that moment of joy with them. In other words, get in there and play with trucks and dolls and drawing and baking ….. it’s so much fun! Another upside of this is that your kids are more accepting of you being at work, because when you stop, you really stop.

You should be flexible and plan for unexpected events. There are many days where you will pick up the schedule sheet for the day only to bin it as your child is sick on that day – and that’s ok. Trust me, we have all been there. To manage the day, do the important tasks first and then move on to the optional ones. In other words, put out the fires and then spend the time with you little one – life is too short!

Cheers to a non-balanced, all over the place, totally crazy, messed up and totally fun life. Belinda x

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