Jun 25 2015

Set Your Goals but Still Live Your Life

People frequently tell me that doing two things at once hardly works, and sometimes I’m compelled to agree with them. The most obvious example of an imbalance in commitments – that comes to my mind – is trying to raise a family while running a business: two very different jobs, and two clashing commitments, which will often come to blows with each other. Juggling these duties will make you gradually lose direction in life, as you start to forget what your original goals were. Did that all start with these two duties clashing with each other, or did the clash happen because you didn’t have or rather, set any concrete goals?

Plan your goals realistically

If your goals are disconnected from the reality of your situation, then you only have yourself to blame if none of them work out. If you try to schedule time with your children during a busy workweek, you will have no right to be disappointed when you’re forced to cancel plans at the last minute. Likewise, scheduling a work meeting on a family occasion, like a picnic or a birthday, will make you fail to follow through with either of these duties at all. A better bet is to get to know what you will or will not be able to do in a week, beforehand. By doing so you will be able to schedule achievable goals for yourself.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew

If you have set an ambitious goal for yourself, such as: “I will gain 20,000 followers on twitter by the end of the year”, it’s probably better that you break it up into a series of daily, “bite-sized” goals, over a long-term period. This will give you the breathing room you need to take your blinders off, and re-evaluate each and every step of your process, while giving you the time to focus on the more important things in life.

Respect your time

You only have a limited amount of time to do everything, and actually using it to do everything is simply impossible. You need to plan each of your tasks in advance for the next one, so that they don’t interfere with each other when the time comes to follow through with them, and most importantly, finish the tasks you’ve set for yourself as promptly as you can.

Get lazy

This point may seem contradictory, but the fact is that you will need to give yourself some time off from your duties. I, personally, prefer spending time with my family on my off days, but there are many who don’t take any time off from the tasks that they’ve set for themselves, to spend time developing other skills, or just plain relaxing. You shouldn’t focus on a single task too diligently; otherwise you’re going to end up burning out.

There is no single, established way to set tasks for yourself, but it helps to remember that you need to give your goals the time they need to develop while you keep your eye on the prize.

Set goals, achieve them but still live your life, Belinda.

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