Aug 05 2015

Work Life My Way and Why? 

It is important to find the right mix of work and lifestyle for your peace of mind and general well-being of yourself and your family. Understand your priorities and maintain a balance that works for you and just you. After all, this is your life, so the final choice should be yours. Work out your daily schedule of different tasks to see what it looks like for you in terms of priority and importance. No two tasks are the same and whether you are doing a job or running your business there should be balance between both for you to live a healthy life.

Carve out your life’s path

When you decide a certain path of action, have confidence in its success otherwise, you will never be able to convince others of its success and gain their support. Every path you take for meeting your goals requires a certain level of clarity and acceptance from you or else it is unlikely to be successful in the long run.

Support from everyone in your family towards your short and long term goals is essential, they will first have to understand the importance of that goal in your life to accept it. Although it is easy to advise people about the importance of maintaining balance in work and family life and also maintaining long term goals, it is difficult to do it without proper planning and family support.

Think about a few of these ideas to choose your work/life path:

Learn to manage time

Dedicate certain times of the day to family activities. Now that you have earmarked time slots for different activities stick to them and avoid wasting time on procrastination. Take the help of your family to divide the work around the house so that your work schedule seamlessly flows into your family time when you are at home.

Reassess your activities

Work pressure tends to be overwhelming for the best managers and you easily can get caught up with long work hours to improve your competitive edge among colleagues. During this race for achievement of excellence, time becomes a scarce commodity and you tend to neglect family, hobbies and friends too. With advancement of technology you can manage time better, smartphones enables you to check office emails at home and manage tasks more efficiently.

Peace of mind and happiness

If your job is the ideal dream job then you tend to give more importance to it and exclude your personal life and happiness. This is fine as long as you do not have a family to worry about and the job gives you joy with every achievement.

Excess work can drain your energy and spirits which has to be renewed by spending time with friends and family which can give you a sense of satisfaction. Even with a hectic work and life schedule you need to take time off for relaxation which will give you peace of mind.

You too can belong to the unique group of entrepreneurs and high profile achievers by creating time bound goals and building strategies to achieve them.

Belinda x

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