Aug 13 2015

Guilty (but not necessarily naughty) Pleasures.

There are several drinks and foods that we always crave for, and just can’t resist ourselves from eating. These are our guilty pleasures that we should not like yet can’t live without. Though we may feel a little bad after consuming such items as they may be full of sugar, fat, highly processed or constitutes preservatives and additives, there are no symptoms of such pleasures getting abated.

But whatever it may be, you should take out some time from your busy schedule every now and then and relish the simple things in life.

Here are some guilty pleasures that you just cannot resist once in a while:

Ben & Jerry’s choc chip cookie dough has been always regarded as the gold standard for the cookie dough flavored ice cream. Ben & Jerry’s blended the first choc chip cookie dough ice cream in the year 1984. It was an instant success with people and the flavor was rolled across the entire country in the year 1991.

Lindt chocolate – dark thank you! This is a delightful little dark chocolate to say “Thank You” to your loved ones. It is a unique blend of melt-in-your-mouth, delicate and dark chocolate that simply tastes divine.

Double-coated tim tams dunked in tea – You just won’t be able to say no to these. Bite at one end and then suck through it just like a straw. Double-coated tim-tams dunked in tea are the very epitome of dunking excellence.

Freshly baked scones- It is not a big sin to fill your house with the scent of freshly baked scones that are simply too yummy to resist. And if you can serve them warm with a delicious spread of cream and jam, your children are simply going to love them.

Water with cucumber- Doesn’t it sound a bit weird? But try it once and you will find it simply awesome. Cucumber water is a drink that you would love to have it the next time you feel thirsty. It can hydrate your body and helps in maintain the correct temperature for your body.

Hot BBQ chicken on a fresh bread roll- Now you can split a fresh bread roll and toast them golden. Use some hot sliced BBQ chicken as a topping with some sliced cheese and just have them for your breakfast or as evening snacks.

Slow cooked lamb shanks- This is a perfect recipe for you on a winter evening. The lamb shanks are slow cooked in a slow cooker for some hours and have them for a weeknight dinner with some steamed vegetables.

Lasagne- This flat-shaped pasta tastes yummy especially if you had made them the previous day.

Chicos – This name that is given to dried corn. This is a Mexican food that one can get totally addicted to and fall in love with. Chicos can turn even tastier when cooked with green onions.

Marshmallows – These are sugar based candies consisting of sugar that is whipped to get a spongy consistency and are often molded into cylindrical pieces. They taste even better when toasted.

Get out there and enjoy a pleasure every once in a while…. And share the love of your enjoyment with your girlfriends! Inspire them to do something for themselves. Belinda x

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