Aug 16 2015

The Mindfulness Journey.

I am sitting in my room in the north of Bali at the Zen Resort. It’s peaceful, gentle and gorgeous. I arrived late last night to begin a weeklong mindfulness retreat. A retreat that has been developed and run by Charlotte Thaarup-Owen from The Mindfulness Clinic.

But I am nervous.

I am nervous because I am a self-confessed control freak and am not sure what is about to happen.

I am nervous because I know that change is about to take place.

I know quite a few people who have attended this course, my husband included, and they have come away with a new vision on life and a revitalised spirit. Sounds amazing huh? But this chick is nervous!

Want to know something funny, to get here was quite an undertaking, getting our kids sorted, getting work sorted and so much more, was a challenge. And then the plane was late getting in, customs etc took over 2 hours and then we were stuck in peak hour traffic, moving at a snails pace for hours. Instead of freaking out or getting stressed, I listened to the Universe. I heard what she was trying to say to me for so long… stop. Just stop.

So I stopped and I waited and waited and waited and I just went with it. I firmly believe that the challenges to get here have set my mind to what I need to do:



Be present.





If you’ve been on this journey, I would love to know how you felt. And if you not, I will let you know how this pans out.

Belinda x

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