Aug 17 2015

Checking in with me.

Mindfulness: I thought before this retreat that I got it. That I really understood about mindfulness and what it was and what it stands for.

And I did, sorta.

But to put things in context, I have decided to share what I have learned so far. This isn’t an easy list to share, but I am putting it out there to own it; to connect with my thoughts and to learn and grow from them.

This is what I have learned so far:

Checking in with my body is vital;

Checking in with my mind is vital;

My thoughts shape my life and who I am;

My thoughts underpin every part of my life, good and bad;

Life doesn’t have to be about pushing through;

That as humans we protect what we fall in love with;

When things happen, good and bad – being curious around those things is key;

I am disconnected with my body and I am beginning to understand why;

That it is all ok.

That it is all ok.

That it is all ok.

And lastly, this is what I want for myself:

I want to love me;

I want to love my body, my vessel for my incredible life;

I want to enjoy every last precious moment of my life and celebrate my body and my mind.

I am going to put my own oxygen mask on first. Wow that was hard to type!

Namaste. Belinda x

Here are a few pics from around the Zen…

IMG_7183 IMG_7182 IMG_7175 IMG_7192 IMG_7190 IMG_7174 IMG_7173 IMG_7185


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