Oct 22 2015

Turning Your Passion Into a Business

Choose a job you’ll love and you’ll never work a day in your life” – Confucius

There is something so fascinating about a person who is passionate – the way their face lights up when they’re talking about their passion and the hunger in their voice– somehow, it makes you feel good, both about yourself and for them. Unfortunately, everyone can’t follow their passions, a lot of people choose paychecks over their passion to make ends meet. There are also people who love what they’re doing but have nothing to show for it. Then there are those people who love what they do and are successful doing it too. Everyone wants to be like these people, so here are a few things you should keep in mind while pursuing your passion professionally:

Understand your passion

Just because you’re passionate about something doesn’t mean you’ll succeed. You need to focus on what you can do with your passion. It is important to understand that passion and skill are not the same thing. The only way to get good at something is to practice. For example, just because you are passionate about a sport doesn’t mean you’ll be good at playing it, but you can start a sports blog or become a commentator. So your business needs to revolve around both your passion and your skill level.

Do your research

Everyone has a passion, the key to turning that into a business is to understand your product and the field you’re in, completely. Do your research about the latest trends, your competition and the market. This will help you figure out the basic details about your prospective business like your target audience, potential clients and the market you’re about to enter.

Make plans

Keep goals for yourself that are small, realistic and achievable in the near future. Plan the steps needed to achieve these goals and stay committed to them. If you don’t commit, then you can’t achieve. A lot of people make plans and then make excuses, only to regret it later. Don’t do that to yourself.


The only way to know if your service/product will be a success is to experiment. Experimenting allows you to see where you stand amongst your competitors. It also exposes your weaknesses and tests your resolve under pressure.


You have to be confident about your skills. The only way to be confident is to learn as much as possible about your desired field and practice your skills regularly. If you are not confident then your clients will have no reason to have confidence in you. If you’re doubtful, then clients will doubt the quality of your products or think you’re trying to cheat them.

Don’t be afraid of failure

No one becomes successful on the first try. Failure is a necessity, it teaches you important lessons so you can correct your mistakes and succeed later on. If you can’t handle failure, then starting your own business is definitely not a good idea. The fear of failure has stopped many people from doing what they really want. If you want to succeed, then you need to handle failure and learn to rectify your mistakes instead of moping and giving up.

Here is a summary of what it takes to Turn Your Passion into a Business:

Explore your passion

Believe in living a life of your dreams

Put the hard work in to make it happen.

Belinda x


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