Nov 05 2015

Juggling tips – for family and work “balance”

It is not easy to balance your professional and personal life, and when they are out of balance it could make a major difference to your relationships and happiness. It is also important to say that Balance is different for everyone, so don’t perscibe to someone else’s notion of what balance is… create your own version.

If you already made a resolution to live a better and a more balanced life, then it is better to start right now as opposed to tomorrow. There is no need to plan. When you have control of your day, you will automatically have more control of your life. You will have a higher level of energy to devote time to things you love the most. You can also make lasting changes. Here are some tips for you to get started.

Changes at Work

1.At the begining of your week, set aside your top three goals to achieve. Let this guide your action steps through the week. Setting only three goals is the key, when you finish them you can move on, but only focus on the top three.

2. Estimate the time needed to complete it one of your goals, then double the estimated time to accommodate the inevitable interruptions. Finishing faster just means you have time to move on to the next task.

3.You should always ask yourself if the work you were doing at that time is the best usage of that time or not. In case the answer is negative, change the activity.

4.It is always a wise idea to group telephone calls, and email checking. Doing them in batches stops you from having to do them multiple times through the day.

5.Reduce socialising and procrastinging during work times. If social media is chewing away your time, use an app or software to block it out.

 Changes at home

1.Wake up early. If you wake up one hour early each day, you will create an effective ten weeks of additional time in your life. Use this to your personal advantage, or as a quiet time to reflect by your own.

2. Have set times where you block out thinking of work… the weekend is an ideal time to do this.

3.Enter you home in a relaxed state of mind: If needed, take longer time in the car or before you leave your office. Sit down with your children with a happy mind as a child easily picks up whether you are happy or sad. If you are relaxed, they will be relaxed too.

4.Eat with your children: If you come in late and they have already eaten, push yourself into the habit of taking a light snack and chatting with them before you tuck them into bed. Tell them about your day and encourage them to tell about theirs. This could easily be the most enjoyable parts in your family routine.

5. Do something as a family: This need not be anything special or for an extended duration. The fact is that your children will love to have you around for a small amount of time per day.

Setting aside time for just family is what can take the stress out of balancing everything at once. Have work time and then family time and see if you can find more enjoyment in both of these.

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