Jan 27 2016

Families: Working together to get the right balance.

A woman can drive cars; so can a man. A woman can be a writer; so can be a man. A woman can cook; so can a man. A woman can foster a new life in her womb and bring it to the outside world; no man can do that. This is not an attempt to demean men. It is an undeniable fact that giving birth remains a prerogative that only women can pride themselves on. But, working when you are a mother is not as easy as working when you are a father.

Why it’s not easy

A faction within the society, especially the societies in developing nations, still holds the view that a woman’s job is solely to be a homemaker. No scientific study has yet proved that the office work of a mother can have a negative influence on her child. There can also be an issue if there is resentment between the parents when one of them earns more than the other. Also, the outside work can’t always be blissful. It’s commonplace that a working mum vents all her frustration on her children back home when she has had a bad day at work. Some mothers are so divided between their careers and family that they are often left with a feeling of guilt. A child who grows up in such an environment could get colored with the view that work is harmful. A working mum will lose an average of about ten work days per year due to the need to tend to a sick child. She may lose a considerable number of working days even when the child has to be taken to necessary appointments.

Finding the balance

You have to set aside some time for your personal life to find balance between family and work. It’s an advice that is given ad nauseam, not only to working mums, but all those who don’t work. But, this is the only solution to the potential crisis that a working mum faces. The best way is to write down all the things that you wish to do in the next week. There are numerous cases that suggest that working mums who make a ‘to-do list’ are able to contribute to work and family equally well. After your children have gone to sleep at night, you can find ample time to spend with your spouse.

It is also important to share the work at home between the family members. Children above the age of 5 should be taught to make their beds on their own and water the plants. An understanding husband is a working mother’s boon. He should be willing to make allowances for her by helping her in the kitchen with some of her jobs.

Also, you can make use of technology to be there for your family and work at the same time. It’s very important that you bring up your child with the belief that work and family can go hand in hand. And nothing is psychologically healthier for a child than the realisation than its parents truly love and understand each other.

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