Feb 02 2016

Do you put yourself at the top of your Priority List?

Human beings have to deal with a plethora of facets in their lives. None of us grant all these facets the same degree of priority. Some are treated as paramount and the others are regarded to be of secondary importance. Strangely, most of us often take ourselves for granted and put ourselves at the bottom of this priority list. Such an attitude is fine at times but there are some situations in which we must prioritise ourselves above anything else. They are very obvious and also the most overlooked.

  1. When you are at work

When you are at work, it is always important to decide how much effort you expect yourself to put into it. You should also keep in mind that it is not that important to please everyone at work all the time. It is also important to convince every co-worker in advance that you have set a framework for yourself and others. Once this is done, chances are slim that a co-worker will nurture personal grudge against you for a disagreement regarding work. The camaraderie between you and your co-workers can be kept intact with such a practice.

  1. When you are in a relationship

 A romantic relationship is healthy so long as it helps you to become a better person than you were before. Nowadays, the first instinct of every person involved in a relationship is to please their partner boundlessly, even at the expense of self-respect. The person relinquishes their individuality to make the relationship work. The purpose of a romantic relationship should be to accept and respect each other’s uniqueness and differences.

  1. In friendships

In friendships also, most people tend to give in to their friend’s demands and opinions. People often find themselves in situations where they strongly disagree with to an opinion of one of their friends but don’t raise objections. The main reason is that they are worried about displeasing their friend and potentially harming the friendship. The friendships which do not allow you to be yourself are highly detrimental. Most people realize this fact only later in life. It is always important to choose friends who respect your choices and your right to have an opinion different from their own. Try to build friendships with those people who share your interests and who exude positivity.

  1. When you are on your own

 We often spend enormous amount of time to take care of our responsibilities and office work. The meaning is simple; other elements in your life override what is most important of all – yourself. We spend very little or virtually no time at all to make ourselves happy. It is very important to reserve some time in a day of yours to get connected to yourself. Do what seems meaningful to you. Remember, the goal of human life is to be happy. Always make sure that anything that you do serves that purpose.

Are you taking the time for you?

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