Feb 09 2016

5 Secrets to Stay Motivated in the Workplace

Motivation is the key to success at the workplace. Professional excellence and consequent personal success are nothing but byproducts of the motivational factor. Sometimes, you might get the necessary motivation from the outside world but the primary source of motivation has to be from inside you. Successful people invent ways to stay motivated at their respective workplaces. Here are 5 of the secrets to continue staying motivated at the workplace:

  1. Make it a point to exercise in the morning before you start working: If you want to stay motivated at the workplace, you have to set the ball rolling even before you start working. Do your daily dosage of exercise, yoga or meditation and get into the right frame of mind. This helps you to concentrate and enjoy the work process. Also, this lets you to channel your energy in the right direction and get a grip of yourself.
  2. Inspire yourself: Take heart from the successes of some of your peers in the same company or in some other company. Not only will you feel good through the process but the act would significantly broaden your perspective as well. You will start looking at yourself from a new light. You would be able to appreciate how some of your peers are tackling specific problem areas. This would significantly let you stay motivated as newer vistas would be opened before you to expand your current horizons.
  3. Spend some quality time with your colleagues: Work is more often than not a team game. Only when the team performs well as an entity, can an individual perform well. Consequently, the group dynamics of a team is very important to enjoy the work flow. Thus, ensure that you indulge in some bonding exercises with your team members. Spend some good time with them. Enjoy a coffee break with them if possible. Just in case you have a shared interest with some of your co-workers, discuss the same. You would be surprised to see how much your colleagues can inspire you to stay motivated.
  4. Start doing newer things and push the limits: Don’t get limited to the drudgeries of doing things that you are comfortable doing. At some point, you would get bored and wouldn’t feel motivated at all. See if you can expand your skills set and start doing newer tasks in addition to the tasks that you are already doing. The sense of accomplishment is absolutely essential to stay motivated at the workplace. Doing things that you wouldn’t otherwise do and being successful in the process adds a bit of accomplishment to your work process.
  5. Have an alternative life in addition to work: Make sure that your work doesn’t become your life. Eat, sleep, be merry and go out with friends and family. Only when there is a proper balance between the personal and professional aspects of your life, can you stay motivated at your workplace.

While these are generic ways, there can be umpteen customised ways to suit your needs to stay motivated at your workplace.

Are you keeping motivated to be the best you can be?

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