Feb 16 2016

Finding Fresh Ideas: Use Pinterest to Get Inspired

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing and unique social networks. Its followers are almost exclusively women, with over 85% of the users being female. Also, 30% of all social media users have a Pinterest account. What is in Pinterest though? Simply put, it is a way to save anything that interests you, if you see something online that you want to save for later, so that you can come back and read or use it. It is far better than just bookmarking the link, or printing it out. When you get a good number of pins, you can share them with others who have similar interests and see what they have pinned on their boards.

What can you find on Pinterest?
Just about anything. There are boards for just about anything you can think of from home improvements to recipes, and music to animal rescue. There are over 50 billion pins right now on the website.

Get inspired
The pictures on Pinterest may seem like they are impossible to recreate, the good thing is, you do not have to. In fact, there are a number of boards that centre on Pinterest fails, check them out for a good laugh. Give your own twist to what you see there and personalize it. Open an account, begin following a few boards, and mark the ones that you want to get back to. Here are a few ways you can use Pinterest in your everyday life.

How to make the most of Pinterest:

Stay focused
It is safe to say that a certain percentage of Pinterest is dedicated to home improvement. There are DIY pages and ideas for every part of a home. So it is easy to loose focus and with it a few hours, but the point is to stay focused.
Create separate boards for each section of the house and pin them accordingly, once you have an idea, build on it, and stop scrolling, there is no bottom of the list as far as Pinterest is concerned.

Pin right away
Don’t open several pins and loose track of a good idea, pin things you like right away to the correct board and carry on browsing. The whole point of Pinterest is to keep track of things to do or read later, so don’t defeat its purpose, start pinning!

Use the search option
Going to a list of boards or clicking at random boards are unlikely to get you anything useful. For better effect, use the search bar and use it wisely. Put in all the keywords, if you are unable to find exactly what you are looking for, then widen your search.
For example, if ‘forest scene with yellow sunset over cliffs’ doesn’t get you what you want, reduce the keywords, you will surely find what you are looking for.

So do you have a Pinterest account?
What are your favourite interests?
Will you be going through Pinterest before remodelling your office or home?

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