Mar 01 2016

But I don’t wanna

A part of life is doctor’s check-ups, exercising, eating well, etc. But here is the thing, I am 41, turning 42 in March and I haven’t yet had a mammogram. I am a little embarrassed that I haven’t.

But as it happens, I’m not alone.  There are lots of women, like me, who are not getting the care that they need.

So I am going to give you my version of why

The way I see it is that there are 1 of 2 reasons, those who are either putting themselves at the bottom of their care list or they are too scared to get the check ups they need. For the record, mine is a little of both, apparently mammograms hurt!!

Sounds silly when I type it out, but seriously, it is no laughing matter.

So why am I writing a blog post about this?

For starters, I am sitting in hospital after a particularly bad bout of some gasto-type bug that has had me in its clutches for 3 days. And guess what, I feel guilty!

Guilty that I am not home caring for our children, guilty that I couldn’t help a girlfriend with her project and guilty that I can’t do anything but lie around and try and beat this thing. This is the end of day 3 and hopefully I will be going home shortly.

But before I do, I wanted to set some intentions for the next few months.

  • I want to turn the tables of putting our self-care last.
  • I am going to stay off caffeine (which the hospital stay has thrust upon me).
  • I am going to begin my self-care journey, by incorporating simple changes into my life, I am not sure what that entails exactly, but if you have simple suggestions, send them through!!
  • As for the mammogram, for those fellow women who haven’t yet “done one”, I am going to take one for the team and go first. I will book in and yes; I will share the details with you; every squishy, booby detail.
  • I want to stop making excuses, I have a healthy body and I want to grow self-love and take care of this body that has made 2 little human beings and has been my amazing vessel for almost 42 years.

So I am going to stop saying, “I don’t wanna” and start saying, “I will”.

Are you putting off having a mammogram?
Is it time to take care of you? 

Until the next rambling, Belinda
This article first appeared on the sistacode.com.au.

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