Mar 15 2016

Meditation: 10 Minutes Is All You Need.

Before getting to jotting down how the process of meditation can help you, it is important to understand as to what the practice is all about.

Meditation is nothing but the cessation of your thought process for a certain period of time while you are in a restful position. It is a state of unitary consciousness when you free your mind of all disruptive thoughts and concentrate your mind to a single entity.

Meditation is probably the easiest thing to do. You can just forget about everything in the world and calm your mind while sitting in a serene environment. The process can get your body and mind to relax.

Meditate just for a period of 10 minutes and know the positive changes that it can bring about in your life. Meditation can help you in the following ways:

  1. Reducing stress: In the contemporary world, life has become synonymous with constant stress. Meditation helps in reducing this stress and calming the restive mind. Additionally, it allows some rest to your mind, body and emotions. It soothes the nervous system by decreasing the production of stress-producing chemicals like cortisol. The process of meditation, just for a period of 10 minutes, reduces the consumption of oxygen, rate of respiration, blood pressure and heart rate. Conversely, it enhances the concentration of alpha, delta and theta waves and intensifies the response to relaxation.
  2. Decreasing chronic pain: A substantial number of research studies have found out that the process of meditation can actually help alleviate chronic pain. According to a research report published by the Journal of Behavioural Medicine, meditation has been able to reduce the pain for patients afflicted by chronic migraine, backache and tension headaches. In fact, some of the patients don’t need any medication anymore.
  3. Lessening anxiety: A report published in 2009 by the Journal of Clinical Psychology confided that meditation plays an active role in reducing anxiety and enhancing the hope quotient. Meditation also assists cancer patients to fight chronic depression. The practice helps people to look at the positive things in life and appreciate those rather than being dull and depressed about the negative pointers.
  4. Combating cardiovascular disease: The heart rate and the blood pressure significantly reduce for patients who practice meditation. This fact has been established by countless medical studies. The effect is more pronounced for people who had started practicing meditation from the adolescent phase. In fact, regular meditation for a period of 10 minutes helps in decreasing the chances of getting any heart disease altogether.
  5. Fighting insomnia: People throughout the world are suffering from insomnia, a condition where people can’t sleep. Increased stress coupled with a severe degradation in the environment play the major role in the process. However, meditation helps in fighting the situation and assists people in getting a normal dose of sleep again. Just in case you are suffering from chronic shortage of sleep, practice meditation and see the difference in a span of just a few days.

Meditation represents life in itself. If you choose to make it your way of life, at least for 10 minutes, to get the best out of it.

How could mediation help you? 
Do you have 10 minutes to give back to you?

Until the next rambling, Belinda 

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