Apr 05 2016

Are You Getting What You Want from Your Career?

The most important thing affecting your overall welfare in life is career contention. While you might not agree with this theorisation, the fact remains that your career and work perception affects your relationships, attitude, health and finances more than anything else.

Do you always wonder as to what you are doing at your workplace? Do you feel stifled by your career choice? Is it the case that you believe that your life is slipping away while you are at your enigmatic work? Do you ask existential questions to yourself concerning life and existence in general? If the answer to any or all of these questions is a yes, then it is time that you gave your career and work a serious relook.

The reason you feel depressed about your work environment may be multifarious. It might be your boss or one of your co-workers getting to your nerves. It might also be subject to the fact that your had visualised yourself doing something else and something more fruitful. At times, your dilemma might stem from an unappreciative environment where you are not getting the accolades you deserve for the good work that you do. Under all the given circumstances, it becomes clear that you are not getting what you want from your career.

You will know when it is going right for you. You would see that all your endeavours are turning into success stories, your work is taking your organisation to newer heights, you are being appreciated for the work that you do and you are happy doing what you are supposed to do. Seriously, there can’t be anything better than knowing that you are doing exactly what you have wanted to do all your life. Given the conditions, you just know that your career is working for you and making you successful.

Knowing if your career is working for you is just not enough. You need to take corrective actions just in case it isn’t. There are many ways of doing that.

Know your strengths:
Be aware about your capabilities and ensure that you are working on something that falls within your genre of expertise.

Consult with people:
Consult with like-minded and successful individuals. Find out what they have done right in their career in reaching the place that they have reached. Remember a company that you aspire to work for might not hire you just because you have the requisite qualifications. Make them appreciate that you can add value to the company’s core strength.

Make yourself adaptable:
Adapt and consequently change. Not always can you ask for something that you love doing. At times, you need to reorient yourself to match your career demands.

Remember you need to change according to the demands of time. Make it a point to write down your objectives and outline your abilities so your superiors can take notice and start appreciating the things you achieve. Do the needful and you might start getting what you want from your career.

Is it time for change?
Do you need to invest in yourself?

Until the next rambling, Belinda

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