Apr 12 2016

Your Mobile Phone: Be in Control.

Your mobile phone is the epitome of communication technology. You can use it to transmit messages in the form of voice, text, sound, pictures, and videos. In fact, the processing power found in any phone today, rivals all the computing power that NASA had when they sent the first men to the moon! All this power is used for supporting high-end games, social media applications and a variety of useful tools.

But with all this improvement in processing power comes a dark side.

People are spending so much time on their phones that they are neglecting friends, family members, and even professional duties. It starts slowly, but the mobile phone becomes more and more pervasive in one’s life and causes a noticeable disruption.
Let’s look at ways you can be in control of this tool, instead of being controlled by it.

Set usage boundaries

The first thing you need to do is to give yourself a clear objective to reduce mobile dependence. The dining table, restroom, bedroom, and other personal spaces do not need the use of a mobile phone.

Start limiting usage in one area and then keep gradually adding other boundaries so that you are comfortable. Similarly, do not forget to identify areas where you can use your phone. The smartphone is an excellent business tool, so ensure that at least 80 % of the time you spend on it is productive.

Turn off notifications

The urge to check the mobile comes primarily from the messages and notifications you may receive. You will find it very difficult to limit your mobile usage without turning off the notification settings as you are constantly reminded to pay attention to it.

Deleting social media applications are also a great way to reduce the notifications you receive throughout the day. All social media networks have mobile-friendly sites that can be accessed through the browser so you do not miss out on anything. Remember, the mobile exists for your convenience, not for the convenience of others.

Focus on people and tasks

Once you begin to reduce your usage of the mobile, you will be left with more time that you can dedicate to other things. There are instances where people have reduced the time spent on phones simply to spend it all on watching TV or browsing the net.

Instead of looking for meaningless activities to pass your time, focus your attention on the important people in your life and the works that you are passionate about. As you enrich your life and enjoy the value of the moment, the possibility of going back to mobile dependence is minimised.

Telling a loved one about your decision to reduce mobile usage is an excellent strategy, as they will be able to help you more objectively. The important thing is to be in constant pursuit of improvement.

With time, you will be able to see positive changes in your lifestyle, relationships, and professional life because of how much more aware you are of everything around you.

How could spending less time on your mobile allow you to connect and be present in the moment?
What changes could you make reduce your mobile usage? 

Until the next rambling, Belinda.

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