May 04 2016

Business, Family and Cooking Dinner.

Organising your family, home and business may be a tough task. It is in fact more difficult when you are not working from home and have to go outside to run your business. Hungry and irritable kids, cooking dinner, looking after the kids’ homework and dirty laundry to be cleaned are some of the tasks that you need to take care after a hard day’s work at your office. What are the ways you can ensure that your daily routine is streamlined and your life is well organised?

There are many challenges and unique circumstances in front of any person irrespective of the gender, when he or she has to manage different aspects of life such as family, business and, last but not the least, cooking dinner every night after coming back from home. If you belong to this category, you need to chalk out a proper plan that is best suitable for you and helps in managing your career and family better.

Identify the toughest ordeal in your daily routine

Analysing your daily activities and focusing on those that are most stressful for you are quite crucial. When you have laid down a proper plan for simplification, you may find that life is beautiful and devoid of clutter and stress. However, the stress-causing scenario will not be same for two working individuals so the planning will keep varying.

How to get your children ready early in the morning?

Only a working mum or dad knows the difficulty of getting up early every morning, getting dressed, somehow have a cup of tea or coffee and rush out for work every day on time. This routine task becomes even tougher if you have kids to take care of. You need to wake them up every morning, feed them, get them dressed, pack their lunch boxes and drop them to school. Thus, it is imperative that you have to plan well so that the every weekday morning can be managed smartly. Here are some of the tasks that you should do the previous night to save yourself from the mad rush on the following morning.

  • Make sure that you assist your kids to pack their bags the previous night. You can also pack their lunches and store them in the fridge. Get your office bag ready so that you do not miss any crucial paperwork or file of your office.
  • Your child’s uniform should be ironed the previous night and so should be yours that you and they are going to wear the following day.
  • You must also ascertain that you get up at least one hour before your kids so that you have adequate time in your hands to get ready properly, drink your coffee, and get the breakfast ready for the entire family. You can distribute the previous night’s tasks as well as the morning chores between your spouse and yourself.

Cooking dinner at nights

If you are too tired to cook after a tiring and long day at your business, you can try a time-tested trick such as proper meal planning. It will help you when have made proper planning of the dinner menu for the next week and complete shopping for the grocery over the weekend. Such planning can reduce the uncertainty and your stress whenever you return from your business exhausted and famished.

What could you implement to you daily routine to help it run smoother?
Could meal planning work for you?


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