May 17 2016

Why Shop at Birdsnest?

As busy mums, let’s face it; finding the right outfit is a tough gig. The opportunity to get all dolled up can be few and far between, and getting the perfect outfit involves dragging the kids to the shopping centre, looking through racks of clothes, not getting the right size. You can leave feeling frazzled and empty handed.

Think about you

Instead of settling for what you can find, or what will be the fastest shop to get out of, think about what you really want. That is, to think about what would make you feel fabulous.

For you, that could be a pair of gorgeous pants and a tailored, crisp white shirt. Or perhaps you would prefer a beautiful, flowing floral dress. Or you may be the type of gal who likes a sexy LBD and little else. Whatever the combination, getting it right takes time. And that drives me nuts.

So here is where I was at – last year I had an end of year party to attend. I was to be an auctioneer so there with a little focus on me (!!) so I really wanted to look, but more importantly feel confident and dress a little more unconventionally than I normally would. Think boho chic. So to my problem, dressing differently to my norm meant that I would have to find new stores and if you know me, I like to wear nice things but I hate to shop.

So what did I do?

Now I am known as an online shopping queen in terms of getting online, working out what I want and then ordering it. Simple, but this time I needed a whole outfit.

My little secret is out

I found a place that is freaking awesome. Birdsnest.com.au is officially my favourite online shopping website. But, it’s not your ordinary online shopping experience.

Birdsnest brings together some of the biggest and best brands of women’s clothing from Australia & overseas and their range of products is extensive.

So this is the cool bit

Birdsnest aims to help women find their inner fashionista, with a helping hand from the “birds”. So how do they do that? The girls at Birdsnest put together the outfits so you can buy the full outfit.

For the event I mentioned, I was able to buy the shoes, the dress and even the jewellery that suited. I was set. I love this as I don’t have the time or the money to spend on a personal stylist, so this is your next best bet.

An added benefit is that they express deliver your goods plus there is a 365-day return policy!

Oh and another tip, the site will even let you know if the outfit will suit your body type before you purchase it.

Breath a sigh of relief girls, the answer is here, it’s Birdsnest and I’m in love!


Ps. note I have NO affiliation with birdsnest.com.au, I just love them and I know you will too!

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