Jun 15 2016

5 Lessons that have made all the difference to me.

When we think about learning, we might think that it’s all about enrolling and attending a class. The interesting thing is that my greatest lessons have been from life itself. Don’t get me wrong, I have loads of education and I loved going to Uni and really pushing my mind. But I value my life experiences equally.

Here’s why:

1. Life Lesson: Take time out

My daughter can stop my in my moment of “I need to get this done first” and remind me of the importance of taking time out. She will ask me to colour in with her and I will look at her face and be reminded of how fast she is growing up and that she won’t always ask me to colour in with her.

2. Life Lesson: Reconnect

Confession first: I love Bunnings.

So I will often duck in to pick up whatever I need.

The interesting thing is that I found a lesson in my Bunnings visit – I saw a Dad’s pushing around one of those huge shopping trolleys with his two children sitting at the bottom, both on their own iPads completely ignoring the outside world.

There is absolutely no judgement on this as I don’t know what his circumstances are or where his kids are at, but, for me I was able to remember that I need to connect with my kids. It’s not all about iPads and stuff, it’s about time – for me.

3. Life Lesson: Read more

Books are awesome. We read books with our kids every night. The thing is that I often forget to do my own reading, which is ok as it’s not necessarily something I have to do every day.

But when I take the time to read books that fulfil me, excite me and challenge me, my view on my life changes. It’s like the world is in colour again. I can see things in my life from a different angle that without reading I would have seen the scenario in only one way.

4. Life Lesson: Shoes make a difference

Another confession from the Belinda files: I love shoes. Ok, ok, I am addicted to shoes. So why do shoes make a difference?

I work for myself, so sometimes I am casual and don’t really take the time to put my outfit together in the same way that I would if I was attending a business meeting.

But, when I take the time to choose my outfit AND the shoes, the shoes make me feel amazing. It doesn’t matter what my size, my shape or my mindset, I smile when I put on fabulous shoes!

5. Life Lesson: Learning from Learning

So this week I attending a training retreat and came away to learn more about my business and to analyse what I need to change, add or evolve to move ahead. The interesting thing is that I have learned more about myself than the business in the process.

I have been able to sit back and evaluate my personality style, my spirit and even what drives me. This has really helped me to understand how I need to implement the changes in my business more successfully.

This is a beautiful thing because it increases the level of authenticity, which is always a good.

I guess the point of this article is to notice what is going on around you. Watch, listen and more importantly learn from not only your experiences but from the experiences of others. When you stop learning you are stopping the experience of life.

Dive in, go through, roll around, get involved, get dirty, get amongst it and enjoy the process of learning and never stop! It rocks. Seriously.

This article was first seen on thesistacode.com

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