Jul 19 2016

Is it time for you to Shine?

You have been waiting for quite some time now, to unfurl your wings, to indulge your dreams, to feed your passions.

But have you ever looked back and introspected why exactly is it that you could not come to the forefront and show the world what you are capable of offering it.

There are a hundred reasons for us to hesitate from emerging from our shell, and leaving the comforts and familiarity of our surroundings. Most of us tend to hold ourselves back, owing to the simple mindset of ‘what they will think?’

Some of us are living with a history of bitter past experiences that encourage us to maintain a low profile, and keep our lids on. But if you look at the bigger picture, now is the time to block out everything that stops you from being yourself, and emerge like a pearl in the oyster.

To understand and begin to work through understanding what thought patterns that holding back is key to moving forward to a productive space.

Debbie Spellman has some key, practical strategies to help you gain confidence and self belief.

Believe in yourself
Is it your time to Shine?

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The first and foremost step in breaking away from the clutches of your inhibitions and emerging is to begin to trust yourself. Always remember, that just like the others around you, you too were brought into this world with a purpose, which no one can solve but you.

Believe in the person that you are, and the capabilities that you have been blessed with. You too have the power to fulfil your dreams just like everybody else.

You are unique- let it shine through

Remember when I said that you were brought into this world for a specific purpose? You are a unique individual with characteristics and abilities that are specific to you.

Everyone is born with a talent, and a passion to pursue it. Given the fact that no two individuals are born similar, the world is yet to witness your greatness, the one that only you can offer.

You are worthy

Being a part of the most sophisticated and intelligent species on earth, you have the enormous potential to prove your excellence. It’s time you shook away all those cobwebs of your bitter past, which have been fogging your vision of your own worthiness, and realised your value and significance as an individual.

It’s time to change your mindset from negative to positive and really start to believe in your self-worth.

Put yourself first

Stop putting yourself behind the others all the time. Quit that backseat and move to the forefront. You are as great and as important as any individual around you, so why do you put yourself at the bottom of the list?

Determine your goals, and design them, keeping yourself at the centre. You might have the most radical of dreams and goals in life that no one believes in but you. However, you need to remember that people value those individuals who value themselves.

Be inspired and find your niche
Is it your time to shine

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Some of us can loose a track in life, owing to the fact, that there was no one to look up to or draw inspiration from. It can be a real motivator to start following like-minded people with similar goals or paths on social media and other outlets. Allowing yourself to attend networking events and really putting yourself out there can put the wind in your sails and give you the confidence you need.

Find your inner motivation. Determine your goals and aspirations and self motivate yourself with the idea that you can achieve them, all by yourself.

And last but not the least, encourage yourself to trust your talents and abilities, and go ahead with undeterred confidence. There is nothing that can stop you from becoming your own hero.

Is it time to get out of your comfort zone? 
What could you do today that will allow you to understand your life path better? 

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