Jul 19 2016

What’s on your Bucket List?

Ever heard the term ‘bucket list’ and wondered what exactly it means?

Well, the textbook definition implies, that it is a list of achievements or experiences that an individual hopes to accomplish during his/her lifetime.

Creating a buck list is a great way to list out your goals and dreams, on both a personal and professional level, to really hone in on what’s important to you and what it is that you want to gain from your life.

What exactly does a bucket list achieve?

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To explain the in-depth and abstract significance of creating a bucket list, we need to understand what it achieves. Our childhood is spent striving for superior grades, and once we become adults, we can get trapped in the never-ending cycle of juggling our jobs and families, with little time to think about ourselves.

A bucket list is what we need, to introspect and understand what exactly it is that we want out of our lives. It provides clarity and purpose for you to take control on what it is you really want to experience from your life.

What is the purpose of a bucket list?

As already mentioned, the significance of a creating a bucket list, is to discover ourselves, and our aspirations which we desire to accomplish in our lives. It might be as simple as learning to play the piano or visiting that exotic holiday destination, but it still means a lot.

Is this something that you have considered?

Have you ever thought of the million things that you missed out on, while trying to make both ends meet. In the race to achieve all our materialistic dreams, we forget the simple pleasures of life, the trivial things that give us our happiness.

However, it is never too late to stop living on auto pilot and start to become more mindful and live your life to the fulles

How vision boarding can help you create your dream life

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A vision board is a pictorial representation of your dreams, aspirations and goals that give you happiness. You can also create a dream board or a visual map, representing the ambitions you hope to achieve, or places you wish to visit.

You can put picture collages or postcards, of your dream destination or an adventure sport that you aspire to participate in.

I have both personal and business vision boards which work great for me, and I love creating them. Having a visual representation of my goals is a great way for me to stay focused and motivated at times when it can all seem a little too much.

If you think vision boarding may not work for you, check out this clip of how vision boarding has helped some of the most influential people of today.

There is so much to see, so much to do

The world around us is filled with infinite beauty. But have you ever taken a moment out of your hectic schedule, and appreciated what we have.

Life is not limited to our office or the kitchen. With so many places and activities to explore, we can not afford to sit back and wait for our life to slip before our eyes.

Bucketlist.org is a great website designed to help you create your bucket list. It categorises different types of experiences, from travel to DIY, it provides some exciting idea’s to help build and inspire your bucket list.

There are no rules

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When it comes to creating your personalised bucket list, there are no fixed rules or guidelines you need to follow. You can put absolutely anything on your bucket list, right from galloping a horse along the beach, learning to sew, witnessing an eclipse or owning a pet.

All it takes is a little introspection, and you will be able to uncover all your hidden dreams and secret desires. Take out some time off from your every day schedule, and start ticking off the items on the list.

Remember, you only live once!

Have you ever considered a bucket list?
Could having a vision board help manifest your dreams?

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