Jul 26 2016

Tips to Build the Family Dynamic.

Raise a family, build a career and have time for yourself? As women, we wear so many hats, and can often put a lot of expectation on ourselves.


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It’s time to look at the bigger picture of life, and begin to give ourselves the credit we deserve. And in the bigger picture of life, what is important to me as a Mum, as a partner and as a career women, and how can I achieve harmony with them all.

This is an era where almost everybody is working and has professional goals and ambitions set for themselves.

A busy and stressful work life can often mean unconscious negligence of the family dynamics which might ultimately impact on your close relationships.

The good news is that you don’t need to completely give up on your dreams in order to meet your family demands and continue to build solid and meaningful relationships.

Tips on how to build the family dynamic

You can actually create a beautiful harmony by simply making a few changes.

Children tend to be influenced by family dynamics very early in their life. This is because family dynamics has a very strong hold on the way young individuals see themselves, as well as others in the world.

Family dynamics influence relationships, well-being and general behaviour of children and their outlook in life. It also contributes to their dreams and aspirations.

Here are some tips that might be helpful in building a strong family dynamic:

Schedule in family time

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Take time to analyse how you spend your day. It might be useful to identify areas where it is possible to reduce stress. Can you sit down for dinner at least 3 to 4 times a week with your family? This will give you time to catch up with your family members and share a good meal. Meal times is an important way for families to bond.

Hiring a cleaner or ironing lady could free up your time considerably. Rather than spending your spare hours in the evening folding washing and ironing, it can be spend with your children and connecting with your family.

Lots of communication

It is vital to keep the communication channel open with your family at all times. Have regular conversations with your children and spouse to ensure that you know what is happening in their lives and that you are an active participant in their lives.

There might be issues or any news that they would possibly like to share with you. Make yourself available to listen and offer support whenever needed.

Have fun and let down your hair

Having fun is a big part of building the family dynamic. Do you laugh often with your kids and spouse? Do you play loud music and have dancing sessions or karaoke nights on weekends? Do you take family vacations every year? All these activities help create an atmosphere of fun and joy and strengthen familial relationships.

Connect regularly
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Even when you’re busy working all day or away on a professional/business trip, don’t forget to connect with family regularly. A simple goodnight or ‘I love you’ could make a big difference in your relationship. For family members, it is very important to get encouragement and affirmation from each other, allow yourself to be supported and let your loved ones know you will always have their back.

Tell your kids or spouse that you are proud of them in different situations. Show them you notice them and affirm when you feel there is a need. This is very important to develop healthy relationships.

This is what I know, that family time is never wasted.

I believe in creating flexibility within your schedule so that there is enough time and energy to manage work, family and yourself.

And this is, in fact, possible!

What small changes could  improve your family dynamics?


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