Aug 02 2016

How to move past the Guilt/Fear Mindset.

Have you ever come across the famous German proverb “Fear and guilt makes the wolf bigger than he is”?

Well, it is true that fear plays a big role in destroying an individual’s self-confidence.

It might easily paralyse you from taking a step or making the correct decision under various circumstances.

The same holds true for guilt.

These two emotions can be placed at the bottom of the ‘human consciousness ladder’ (with faith being on the top) because they could ultimately prevent you from enjoying a healthy, peaceful and successful life.

Overcoming fear/guilt in everyday life

So you know that fear and guilt aren’t necessarily healthy emotions to be with. But how do you overcome them in your daily life situations?


Practice yoga/meditation:

Move past fear guilt mindset

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A great technique to tackle fear on a daily basis is to practice yoga and/or meditation. Research suggests that exercise is extremely helpful in promoting self-growth. It allows you to centre yourself and take back your power which was temporarily lost to fear or/and guilt.

Talk about it:

Another great way is to communicate your worries and fears by sharing them with your loved ones. If you have a family member or a friend you are very close to, spend some time with them and talk about the things/situations that bring up fear and guilt inside you.

Journal your feelings:

Fear Guilt Mndset

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Sometimes, writing down what you feel and why you feel a certain way can provide a lot of clarity. This is especially true when you’re going through a fearful time or a situation that spurs up uncomfortable emotions such as guilt in you. When you write things down, you might become equipped to feel the feelings head on.

Controlling our perceptions

Those of us who struggle with feelings of fear and guilt, it might benefit from exercising some control over our perception.

Do you unconsciously talk to yourself in a negative fashion?

Consider this statement-“I am not a good mother because I spend so much time away from home at work”.

Does it sound familiar?

Does it induce guilt in you? Maybe yes. This is actually your own perception and experience talking, not anyone else’s.


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A good way to manage the negativity filled inside you is to practice more self-love. You could take a day off from work and spend time with your family or friends. Have an absolutely clean schedule and plan a surprise for your kids by giving them some “mummy time”. But understand that you’re doing this to take care of yourself, not others.

Once you begin walking on the path of self-love, you will automatically start spreading that love to others. And in the presence of love, there is no fear and guilt.

It is might be time to reassess your current situation and stop putting yourself at the bottom of your priority list. Always remember that there will be a constant shift in personal and family dynamics. Nothing remains constant.

If you’re a working mother, be happy doing what you do, with your achievements and all, it will automatically help in eliminating all guilt and fear.

Taking small steps will help you work past these emotions and enable you to take back control of your life.

Does taking back control sound good to you?

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