Aug 16 2016

Prove it to Yourself.

The SME association of Australia recently came showing that these small to medium enterprise businesses employ a whopping 70% of the country’s workforce.

With government initiatives to boost Small/Medium Enterprise growth, the time is right for you to get in the game and prove to yourself that you can make it big in the business world.

Often the only thing standing between you and success is yourself- your insecurities and your lack of confidence makes it difficult, especially if you have met with failure once before.

Prove it to Yourself

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So here is what you have to do:

Step 1: Get out of your comfort zone

Begin to start thinking bigger. Do not make decisions based on how easy the solution is and how comfortable it is for you to do it.

Start think in terms of what is most effective and then, get it done no matter how difficult it gets.

Step 2: Accept the past and start it fresh

We have all made blunders in your lives, some big, some huge and we are affected by those.

But, we need to change the way we think and be affected in a more constructive way.

That is, why not use these as lessons that tell us what not to do?

When you start looking at it this way, the past has no control over you.

You may have failed once but there is simply no reason to think that you will, again. Start afresh and start with a positive frame of mind and learn from your failures. That’s what they are there for.

Step 3: The need to counteract the negative voices or influences
Prove it to yourself

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There will always be someone trying to pull you down or someone thinking they are doing you good by cautioning you against what you want to do.

Avoid interacting with people who do this and mingle with folks who are positive, enthusiastic and creative.

Replace your negative thoughts with strong positive affirmations.

Step 4: Determine your goals and make a plan

Work out where you want to go and make a plan of what you need to do to get there. Break down the journey into achievable milestones and start working your way towards the first one right away.

Take it one day at a time to avoid it becoming to overwhelming.

 Step 5: Get a mentor/career councillor
Prove it to Yourself

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Get help from the experts. Talk to a mentor or career counsellor about the various options open to you and learn from them what your skills are ideal for.

This allows you to hone in on what skills you have to offer, along with your personality to help choose a career path that will bring you the most enjoyment and satisfaction.

Step 6: Take/enrol in a course

 There are many experts offering training to aspiring entrepreneurs like you.

These courses help you gain clarity about what to do and how to do it. Join such a course and explore the opportunities and get inspired.

Step 7: Keep reviewing your goals

The goal post never remains in one place. As you and your business grow, your goals need to keep changing too.

Review your goals periodically, and develop a brand new plan to achieve your new goals so that you are continually moving ahead with a clear cut purpose.

Remember, you are never too old to start something new.

It all depends on how motivated and passionate you are about your business dream, and not your age or experience.

So are you ready to take the first step?

Are you ready to change the way you think?

Are you ready to change your approach to challenges?


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