Aug 23 2016

8 Reasons You Should Never Stop Learning.

One of the most fascinating things about the brain is that it never really stops taking in information.

In all reality, it never truly stops learning things. Learning is an instinctual activity that you should spur and develop.

Of all the things in the world to learn about, you know less than one half of one percent right now.

If that is not reason enough, here are 8 more to get you back to learning something new.

Self Improvement

Ignorance breeds fear which in turn can breed hatred. We are all wary of the things we know little or nothing about.

Whilst learning, it opens your mind up to a new way of thinking. It is possible to get rid of a lot of bias when we learn.

Improve confidence

Think of a situation where you are in a job interview and the person speaking with you starts asking you questions about things that you are not familiar with.

Now think of a similar situation where the person is talking to you about things over which you have a certain level of expertise. When you learn more, you know more. You will be a lot more confident about yourself.

Learn new skills
8 Reasons to never stop learning

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There is a whole world of things to learn.

You are likely to have a natural bend toward certain activities, so how about picking up a related skill?

Learning a new skill is never a waste of time. There is also no such thing as a wasted skill.

If you can flip a coin a certain way into a cup, that is also an entertaining skill.

If you don’t use it you will lose it

The older you get, the harder it becomes to pick up new skills.

So start early, broaden your purview on things and get to work immediately. Make use of your mind when it is at its strongest.

It does not mean you will lose the ability to learn entirely, but it will get harder as the years pass.

Keeps your mind young

Think of your brain as a powerful muscle, unless you give it thorough workouts, it will not stay fit. One way to do this is to learn a completely new skill, something that you will enjoy doing. When you pick up new skills, you also open yourself up to a whole new bunch of like minded people you never knew.

Adds more depth and meaning to your life

One of the things in this current day and age is that people have a lot of information and knowledge, but seem to lack purpose.

People are constantly looking for meaning to life. Your learning might will take you on that path of enlightenment, so to speak.

Increase your level of understanding of you and life

As you start learning new things, you are likely to discover things about yourself that you never knew existed.

You may begin to see things differently, in a new light, you may have been completely wrong about something you knew as a fact all your life. Learning opens up your mind!

Healthy mind, healthy body

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Mental and physical health is inherently linked. One is not possible without the other.

Also, when the body is sick, the mind is equivalently affected. Learning keeps the mind active and it, in turn, has a physical effect.

So join a class, get a library membership, or join a gym, anything as long as it opens your mind and you continue learning!

Is there a class you have been interested in trying out but haven’t got around to joining?
Can you make time to start that book you have been trying to get to? 

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