Aug 30 2016

Don’t Sacrifice Your Family.

There are so many of us who are in a perpetual struggle of trying to maintain a healthy work life harmony.

Juggling between the daily household chores and meeting that workplace deadline, might leave you thoroughly exhausted and irritable, and might also end up having detrimental effects on your physical and mental well-being.

There are a million times, that you might have contemplated giving up that gruelling job altogether and become a full-time homemaker.

Yet, you could never really muster up the courage to quit your career and spend your entire time at home.

No one said that ‘having it all’ would be easy
Dont sacrifice your family

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If we can infer that it is not so simple to be able to handle everything, all at once. Both your family and career command extreme levels of effort to maintain and with limited time at hand every day, it becomes increasingly difficult to deal with the stress of managing both at the same time.

In addition to this, when you try to deal with the two together, you are unable to do proper justice to any of them.

But, ensuring you are taking the time to balance the both the best you can, without sacrificing you or your family, it can be done.

What if you could have it all?

How women’s choices need to be different from male counterparts

Since the advent of mankind, the male section of our society is associated with being the provider of the family and the women’s role is to be the nurturer who takes care of the home and the kids.

Women are now becoming more career-oriented, and willing contributing to the family’s betterment.

Although, most men have now adapted themselves to the changing times, most of the women deal with the stress of both job and family, alone.

The gruelling schedule of a full-time working mum
Don't sacrifice your family

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Although, your spouse might help you out with your daily chores at home, they can never fully replace the significance of your presence.

You might be having a full time job, working ten hours a day, but you may never be extricated from the devoted attention that your family wants from you.

Without little help from your spouse, it is you alone who would be managing a chunk of your household activities, right from cooking, washing to childcare.

To top it all, the working-mother guilt, of not being able to spend quality time with your kids, is most exasperating.

Just keep in mind, that your kids will be their age only once, and this might be your last chance to mould them into the adults that you want them to be.

Sacrifice your family

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Life is all about the ebbs and flows.

Your life may not be the same as it was 12 or even 6 months ago.

Take the time to analyse life regularly. This month your work may require a little more than usual from you, next week your family schedule may be gruelling. I liken it to work life harmony rather than work life balance. 

The most important thing is to remember not to burn yourself out. Make sure you take care of the most important things, yourself and your family.

What do you find most challenging about being a working mum?

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