Sep 13 2016

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Overcoming Self Doubt.

We all have self-doubt. You don’t deny it, but you also don’t capitulate to it. You embrace it- Kobe Bryant.

We have all fallen prey to self- doubt at some point in time. For many of us, this is a regular cycle.

This is not a problem in itself as long as you manage to identify the real risks that you face and deal with them instead of allowing self doubt to erode your confidence to such a extent that you step back from whatever you set out to do.

If you are running a business, your self- doubt could have even greater ramifications for, as Adlai Stevenson puts it: “It’s hard to lead a cavalry charge if you think you look funny on a horse”

Remember this!

In that moment of self doubt, you always have a choice– you can either succumb to the feeling and let go of what you want to do or consciously change the way you think and move on to achieve what you want.

The outcome depends on your choice, not on anyone actions or words. Evidently, the latter course of action is the desirable one but how do you overcome doubt and take that crucial step forward?

Positive thinking:
Overcome self doubt

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Use affirmations to change your mindset and start building confidence in yourself.

Post affirmations around your home or workplace where you can see them constantly and register them deeply within your mind.

List out your achievements:

This is the time to remind yourself of all the fantastic things you have achieved.

Maybe you turned around a loss making business into a profitable one, maybe you kicked your years long smoking habit, maybe you finally built that poolside cabana after months of work.

Achievements at work or in personal life are all reminders that you are capable and competent.

EFT Tapping:

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is where you tune in with your mind to your issues and resolve them by stimulating specific points on the body by tapping on them.

Brad Yates is an EFT expert that you can follow to unleash your inner potential.

Overcome self doubt

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A simple way to develop a calm, positive mindset, meditation also lets you look within yourself and find the root cause of your self- doubts.

The stress that is associated with faltering self confidence can also be addressed effectively through meditation. Just invest 10 minutes a day in calming your mind and spirit.

Talk to positive people:

Call those people whom you trust implicitly and who have always managed to put the wind back into your sails with a pep talk or a cheerful lecture about why you should believe in yourself.

Pick a friend, your mum, and your sister, anybody who can elevate your spirits instantly!

Do not hesitate to ask for help- remember that it takes courage to show that you need support.

Have a try:

Maybe the job is not really as tough as you think. How do you know you cannot do it unless you try it first? It’s okay to fail because then, you know what to avoid doing the next time around.

Get a mentor:
Overcoming self doubt

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Maybe it is just a good friend of yours a mentor can put things in perspective and give you objective feedback on what to do.

Re-connect with things you love:

Maybe rekindle a hobby or follow your interests on social media. Doing things you love rejuvenates your passion for life, as a whole.

Keep Learning:

Never stop learning because when your mind is constantly active and doing something constructive, there is no place for negativity in it.

Hug someone:

We are social animals and human connections keep us going. A quick hug to someone you love can give you a spark of comfort and joy that can go a long way.

Or are you feeling down in the dumps?

Are you thinking that the goals you have set yourself seem impossible?

Do you feel that you are all set to fail?

Try out these techniques and experience the magic.

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