Oct 11 2016

How Negative Beliefs Hold You Back.

We are all different, each with our own set of beliefs. In fact, our beliefs are what shape us, and also have an effect on our future.

For instance, if someone grows up thinking he/she can never be academically great, that belief alone can ensure he/she won’t get good grades at school.

This is how our beliefs actually prevent us from achieving greatness.

The reverse is also true – if someone believes that he/she is going to succeed in an endeavour, that eventually becomes true most of the time.

 The only thing holding you back is YOU

 Only you can get rid of all those negative beliefs. No one else can do that for you.

Here are some mantras that you can write down, put them up on the fridge, at your workstation or even digitally, like the desktop wallpaper for your smartphone / PC – wherever you can see them, and repeat to yourself.

Negative Beliefs

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When you do this, you ‘ingrain’ these into your mentality, pushing out everything that stands contrary to them.

My past does not equal my future

If there is still doubt in your mind, remember that nobody now remembers the kid who was the most popular in school. The high school basketball player didn’t make it into the NBA either. Child actors don’t go on to become Hollywood stars.

Success in the past does not necessarily mean success in the future. Conversely, failure in the past is not an indicator of failure in the future – Bill Gates was a dropout, and Michael Jordan was a bench-warmer. Oprah had a life of poverty, was caught for stealing and endured sexual abuse, but just look at where she is now. These facts are hard to argue against.

There is no failure, only learning
Negative Beliefs

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If you look at everything as a learning experience (if you didn’t make mistakes, how would you learn from them?), you can be sure that you will not make such mistakes again in the future.

I have a choice, move forward or stand still

You can decide for yourself whether the life that you have at present is sufficient, or whether you would like something better.

I create my own reality

If you want to be known as somebody great, get started. Picture yourself as someone successful. Start wearing clothes that give you confidence, and carry yourself that way. Get a makeover. Do something that you enjoy.

Print business cards and hand them out to others, perhaps even build a website. There are plenty of things you can do to get you closer to the future that you want for yourself. What will you do today?

I am responsible for my life / I make my own choices

No one else is. If you accept responsibility for your own life, you will make the right decisions for yourself.

As long as you can blame others, you will only be making the wrong decisions, because there is ‘a way out’ of feeling bad in case things don’t work out. But the wrong decisions only propel you downwards and not upward.

This day is a great day

If you keep saying this to yourself, you won’t feel perturbed by anything bad that happens. What better way to not let yourself be affected by negativity?

Try saying them out loudly and with conviction.

When you do this only silently, your mind counters back with arguments that are based on reason, such as:
Success hasn’t come my way so far.
Realistically, what are the chances of that happening in the future?
If I really had the potential to be successful, wouldn’t I have tasted success already?

So start making these mantras a part of your daily life, and rid yourself of those negative beliefs.

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