Nov 02 2016

Are you in a Job you Love?

In life, we find ourselves doing a lot of things that we don’t want to do for a multitude of reasons.

We might socialise with people we don’t like, we might go to places we’d rather not, and we might stay in a job that bores us or makes us unhappy. Some of these things are under our control and some of them are not.

People persist with jobs for various reasons.

Some of the reasons maybe important and some of them maybe quite trivial.

You fit in with the culture of the workplace
Are you in a job you love?

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You might detest the work, but you love spending time with your coworkers. Having good coworkers always makes work more bearable and this is why you are comfortable with your job. Being comfortable for a while is well and good, but you shouldn’t allow it to dictate your career over the long term.

If your current job is something you truly see yourself doing in the long term or if the promotion potential is what you seek, then being comfortable maybe a good thing.

However, you shouldn’t stick around a workplace just because you like your coworkers or because your superior is good to you. Understand and know your priorities in order to make a suitable decision.

You shouldn’t feel trapped by your workplace because of the comfort level you have. You could potentially create the same level of comfort in a different workplace.

Career change seems quite daunting
Are you in a job you love?

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The job may bore you or you may detest it, but you are drawing in a decent wage and leading a comfortable lifestyle.

Career changes almost always mean picking up a reduced income.

And even worse, the fear of being bad at something new is enough to put a lot of people of. Starting at square one maybe more challenging than anything you’ve done.

You can’t keep doing something you don’t like. If a career change to a field closer to your heart screams at you and you can afford to make the change, taking the final leap may not be a bad idea. 0

If you are convinced of your priorities, you should give yourself the chance to see if a career change is more fulfilling to you. If you don’t make a change, you may end up regretting it when it’s too late.

Financial constraints
Are you in a job you love?

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This is probably the most significant roadblock to any form of job change and you may not be able to do anything about it.

After all, you need to eat, sleep, and pay rent. You can use the Internet to actively hunt for a more fulfilling job or you could find another way to generate revenue by taking a second job, freelancing, or generating cash in some fashion through the Internet.

You could alter your lifestyle or rely more on your spouse or family to cover your expenses. However, you shouldn’t compromise your basic needs in order to make a job change or a career change.

If big changes seem a little too daunting, especially all at once, try making small incremental changes may be the perfect place to begin.

Take time to evaluate all the possibilities and develop a sophisticated plan and start to love what it is that you do.

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