Jul 27 2017

Just 5 seconds.

As a business owner, and particularly as a female business owner with lots of insecurities and seemingly endless doubts I often think “what if”….

What if my website was like that one?
What if my business had more exposure?
What if my customers really saw how much I cared?
What if I had more likes?
What if I had more followers?
What if more people commented?
What if I had the skills?
What if I was smarter?
What if I was better at business?

What if…

It’s exhausting to think of all the “what ifs”. What if you used that same energy and invested it into moving forward.

Here’s what I’m asking… in that moment where you feel yourself going into the “what if” space, stop and hold on for just 5 seconds more. Mel Robbins shared her insights on Goalcast about her 5-second-rule…. In the clip she sheds light on the difference in using the 5 seconds to change the way you think about life and how to step into your space and own it!

You can move from idea into action! Check the clip out below…. just brilliant!

It’s time to stop focussing on the things that we can’t control and time to focus on the things that we can and move forward, 5 seconds at a time.

5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1  … are you ready?

Belinda x

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