This is what I know.

I am Belinda Bow.

I am a mother, daughter, sister, granddaughter, aunt, friend and businesswoman and this is what I know.

I know that spending time with your family is never wasted.

I know that each moment you spend with your children will be etched into your memory and your heart.

I know that the love and support of your parents, siblings and grandparents will mould you into who you will become.

I know that a great pair of shoes can make you feel fabulous.

I know that sleep is underrated.

I know that losing weight will never make your life perfect.

I know that dressing up as a fairy princess can make everything seem better.

I know that eating well makes you glow from the inside.

I know that morning cuddles are awesome.

I know that good friendships are hard to find and are worth fighting for.

I know that giving a smile to a stranger can change their outlook for the day.

I know that developing my career has made me a better wife and mother.

I know that I love what I do in my professional life and when I talk of passion, it is in it’s most genuine form.

I know that life has ups and downs and that’s ok.

I know that an awesome feast is better when it’s shared.

I know that I love to give of myself and I love to surprise others.

I know that I love to bake cakes.

I know that my love of baking comes from my gorgeous grandmother.

I know that reaching out to a relative or friend makes my heart smile.

I am Belinda Bow.